The Pillars

‘’In the waking eye of the Realm, the gods of the land raged in war over leadership. Alliances made. Betrayals ensued. And by the Realm’s first nightfall, the land was ripped in twain. The destruction caused the heavens to collapse and the victims of the gods’ war, the dreams of the sleeping realm, built four pillars to keep the gods at bay.

From these pillars, stars were formed, and light shown in from the darkness. The dreams began living lives, and from those lives they too did dream, and soon the gods were forgotten. In a fit of jealousy the gods forced their way through the towers, breaking them down one by one. The dreams soon made weapons from tools. They began to fabricate the natural order to their whims. They called this power…Technology. Soon a new pillar was built.

A weapon to battle the gods.

It only took a minute to turn the tide, but the cost of victory was silence. All that was left were gears and wires. Empires torn down. Lands ravaged. Magic and metal blighted the landscape. The dreams soon turned into nightmares, and the nightmares covenanted the darkness, and the last tower was taken…

It’s been over 2600 years since the ‘Catalyst’. The world has reached it’s industrial revelation. Technology has once again reached the stars. Whether or not the gods have forgotten is unknown…"

~Red Tail, 2601 I.R.

The Pillars

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