Pact Islands

Once a proud and advanced culture, the Feywild was beautiful and plentiful, and the location of one of The Pillars. The pillar stretched through the heavens and pierced the sky, until the catalyst swept the land and the Arcane pillar fell. Except for four large islands and the base of the tower, nothing was left. Some believe the land was saved because of the sleeping dragons that lay underneath, but all believe the destruction was caused because of the foul practices that took place in the Tower itself. The major races of the Wild soon pointed fingers, and by the end of their conflict four new nations were created all taking a different cultural focus. They have been deemed the “Court of Intent”.

Vernu – Home to the most prestigious Arcane university in the realm. Every school of Magic is practiced here since there is no taboo restrictions. Their claim is that nothing must stop the pursuit of arcane knowledge. The numerous schools have formed a brittle, yet powerful alliance, known as the Judges of Chaos.

Estiv – An island dedicated to higher authorities and where the “Herald of the Suns” are established. The Herald is a council of theologists who hold their mass for the various Deities, in a blessed area known only as ‘The Temple’ that their order represents. From Bahamut to Moradin, they all have a home because of the strong relationship between the Clerics and Paladins of each order. There have been whispers though, that there are even darker orders that take residence in the hallowed city.

Autnal – A land void of modern culture, Autnal is the home for those who seek balance in nature. The nomadic tribe of druids, known as ‘The Wanderers’, seek to obtain a peaceful coexistence with the life that surrounds them. Strict laws are set and enforced by the Wilden and Dryads in order to keep their vows of balance. They claim that no metal or technology is to set foot on the island, without facing the tribe’s wrath. All who have opposed the law, have met with swift and brutal retribution.

Hyber – Also known as ‘The Bitter Lands’, Hyber is home to those who live under technology’s banner. The island is built in layers of metal and gears. Few people have actually seen the spoiled lands bellow it’s bottom layer, but only rumors whisper in the cold alleys of the city about it’s true appearance. ‘The Guild of the Eternal Cog’ is the staple in their technology driven culture. Void of warmth and compassion, the Guild evokes it’s will through the use of Sentinels, large machines capable of keeping order with the use of devastating weapons.

Pact Islands

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