The year is 2634 I.R. and the time of the old has long since pasted for the mortals of the Realm. Technology has become common place in most homes, seeking to improve the way of life for everyone. Though many cultures have accepted the ways of steam and and electricity, there still remains the few pockets of civilization that wants nothing to do with the advancements of such things.

The realm is divided into 6 different continents, all with many different nations calling it home. Among the nations, there are five pillars that once reached through the sky. Only one remains, with the rest making refuge for the wicked of heart.

Many wars have sprung up from the desire to control the pillars. The Humans and Elves had spent many generations at war with each other over possession of a pillar. 100 years later, a most terrible thing happened. The Elves, using their ties with the Dwarves created a vicious weapon. A machine capable of turning the land into molten waste in mere seconds. The devastation ruined the human empire, causing untold fatalities and leaving several without hope. It wasn’t until the orphaned generation of Half-Elves took over the only land that connected the warring nations forcing the two nations to look over what they caused. The humans could only rebuild their capital, and they named it Copper Basin.

The Dwarves have spent their time working on improving weapons and transportation. A militant nation, they reside over the largest continent with absolute authority.


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