The Bronze side of the Moon

The ties that bind

Spending the days resting and regaining their strength, the band of heroes part to contemplate the experiences that have filled their recent days. As they return to Ori, Shorrin Gearset greeted them with bad news.

Mlaco, Thal’s father and elder of Rovenguast, has gone missing.

Shorrin explains that Malco was abducted during a raid on the village by the ogres and trolls. He offered them transportation to the continent. As they gathered their belongings, they made way to the center of the city where they saw an airship floating in. The heroes clambered in and began their trip to the frozen wastes.

The journey there was simple enough, but once they reached inland, the winds picked up and shook the ship violently. Titus and Thal held tight as the ship rocked sideways, but Hammer was caught off guard and thrown from the deck into the snow below.

Realizing the winds are too rough for sky travel, they land the ship and search for their fallen friend. Time passes shortly and they soon find Hammer trudging back to them. Off in the distance they spot the village of Rovenguast and head there on foot. Coming to a bridge the group sees a large ogre and trolls surrounding it. Refusing to let hem pass without their lives, a battle quickly ensued and victory was claimed.

Reaching the small town Thal found his way to his family’s home. Reuniting with his brother, Non’t, he explains how Malco disappeared. After their short conversation Thal decides to see other parts of the village. The others in the group decide to venture off as well but it wasn’t long before the raid bell was rung. The sounds of destruction soon rumbled in the distance….and it was getting closer.



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