The Bronze side of the Moon

Frozen Wounds

More tracks than leads

The dwindling group soon made their way to the icy mountains. With keen eyes they saw a silhouette of buildings, but were unable to discern more from it. Thal saw the tufts of vapor from around the corner and recognized a trap.

Wasting no time, Hammer rushed the targets to turn the tables in their favor. Able to knock out the trolls waiting in ambush, the band of heroes soon found an evil shaman waiting for them at the end of a long and slippery ice bridge. Thal and Titus kept the shaman at bay while Hammer and Omnom rushed to confront the caster head on. The wicked troll did not last long after that.

While they gathered their thoughts, Thal found a slim passage leading to a metallic door. Reaching about 4 feet wide and stretching from floor to ceiling, there was nothing on it except for unknown symbols and a tiny hole in the center. Deciding to look for Orrik in other places, they left the door frozen in the back of their minds.

It wasn’t long before they found the entrance to Orriks quarters. Two large, wooden doors kept the party at bay, but it wasn’t for long. Making a foolish attempt at causing a stir in Orrik’s spirits, Titus used prestidigitation to conjure up some dragon cavalry but failed to realize he should have used ghost sound. Hammer eventually broke the door down to see Orrik sitting at a table while Malco and Non’t lay still behind him. Thal wasted no time and began the assault on the troll leader. As they backed him into the corner, Orrik let a dark image form from his false, mechanical eye and the group was soon engulfed in darkness. As the smoke cleared from their eyes, the heroes found themselves in a dark black room with Orrik in the center, staring into a large bronzed cauldron. But even with his advantage at hand, he was soon defeated.

Thal rushed to aide in family but found that only Non’t had lived. As they packed up what they found and headed back to the village. Laying his father to rest, Thal found his father’s totem. A cursed blood stained ivory totem, worn down by his father’s hands. It was tainted with the rage and vengeance of his father, and knowing that, Thal vowed to cleanse the totem, and his father’s soul.



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