The Bronze side of the Moon

Cold winds of vengeance

I just don't give a monk!

As Thal and Hammer rushed outside to confront the attack, they quickly saw Non’t’s unconscious body being carried off by trolls. Before they could stop the abduction, they were obstructed by a large ogre and his handlers. Rushed into a corner, Thal and Hammer realize that Titus is nowhere to be seen. Off in the distance though, they hear the sounds of ogres and trolls being beaten to a pulp, and soon see a hooded figure flinging kicks and punches.

Without questioning his motives they accepted any help they could get to tackle the huge beast in their path. With energy drained, and very little life left, the party rests when they can and begin venturing at day break, leaving their mechanical friend to find them.

Venturing north, the band soon finds themselves in the fields of the bone forest. It wasn’t long to see the cursed land come to life and charging straight for them. The battle took it’s toll on the group after the battle concluded and victory was slim. The monk soon found himself with mortal wounds that could not bare the upcoming fight and headed back to the village.



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