The Bronze side of the Moon

All roads lead to the top of the intiative

Dragons, and Wolves, and Gnomes. Oh my!

After escaping the harsh conditions of their cells, the group roamed the woods until finding a small hut, belonging to Darrin Shallow, trainer of men. After spotting the small hut, the group was ambushed once again by a raiding party. With the aide of the Gnome barbarian, the raiders were quickly dispatched. Offering a safe haven for the night, they soon headed back to Ori to meet with Kurama, the leader of the city and wise animal druid.

While in the presence of Kurama, Thal was guided on a spiritual quest. Linking him to the elusive Fey Wild, Thal saw his spirit in flesh, and was given wisdom in the form of a choice. Protect life, and hold it sacred, or give in to the primal beast and dominate. Digging it’s claw into Thal’s chest, the spirit companion sowed a seed of great power in him. Dwelling on the choices ahead, Thal awoke and was left with more questions than answers.

Learning of the recent overthrow of the Silver Refinery, the band of heroes took matters into their own hands to protect the city. Teamed up with the druid, they soon infiltrated the refinery and found the source of the evil. Members of the lycanthrope clan, who sought to taint the volcano’s core with the poisonous blood of a volcanic wyrmling. The charmer of the group, Titus, befriended the newborn and convinced it that it was his mother.

The city celebrated and honored the valor of the heroes with song and drink. The next day they began their final assault on the wicked Baron Von Howlson. Kurama offering a diversion allowed the group to face Howlson in person and uninterrupted. Calm and collected, Howlson proved to be the biggest challenge yet. In the midst of the battle, Hammer was caught in a cruel attack. Howlson’s jagged fangs sank through his Dwarven armor like butter. The twisted curse of Howlson’s pure blood lineage coursed through his veins, leaving him broken and bloodied on the floor.

The team managed to keep Howlson distracted long enough so that Hammer could collect himself. Howlson was soon defeated. Before victory could be claimed, a machine triggered an explosion that created a hole in the ceiling. Above them, in the middle of the day, a full moon blanketed the sky. Hammer, caught in it’s light, soon took a dark transformation. Without a moment to spare, Hammer soon turned on his fellows in a frenzied state. Skin and armor, soon turned to fur, and his voice turned to howling, they group was left with one option.

Stop Hammer before he stops them. Permanently. Barely able to topple their friend, the battle took a turn for the worse. With determination and a heavy spoon of luck, Hammer was rendered unconscious. The decision was unanimous to bound and blindfold the knight. They soon realized that the moon was a projection from a small tower on the Howlson estate.

Thal and Titus made their way to the structure and managed to find it’s source of power. A blue, radiant piece of metal. Smashing through the controls, Thal managed to dislodge the metal chunk, but not before haphazardly coming into contact with it. The blue aura illuminated his hand, but little concern was shown for it because the tower began self-destruct. Making haste, they caught up with their companion who was no longer under the ill effects since the projection of the moon had faded.



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