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The Stonelands

The Dwarven race and various branches have taken their empire to the peak of Mount MezDorran. The city, Karnok-To, hovers over the molten lava, and it’s lower working populous spiral down the sides of the core until it reaches sea level. There they have capitalized on the energy of the dormant volcano to supply the fuel for their expanding massive rail transit, known as ‘The Stream’.

In the center of the civilization lies the weapons enterprise, known as ‘The Magic Bullet’. It is the forerunner of weapons technology, utilizing steam and gunpowder powered weapons. CEO and sole owner of the keys to the factory is one, Marvok Platebottom. An ambitious Dwarf with a cutthroat policy of advancing technology far beyond the means and necessities of the average working man. There have been rumors that “cutthroat” is more than a figurative term in his corporate politics, though nothing has ever been proven or brought to light by the authorities and the liberal media of other nations.

Baltheir – Dawn of Mankind

Pact Islands – The remnants of the Feywild

Johtun – The continent of ice

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