The Bronze side of the Moon

Frozen Wounds
More tracks than leads

The dwindling group soon made their way to the icy mountains. With keen eyes they saw a silhouette of buildings, but were unable to discern more from it. Thal saw the tufts of vapor from around the corner and recognized a trap.

Wasting no time, Hammer rushed the targets to turn the tables in their favor. Able to knock out the trolls waiting in ambush, the band of heroes soon found an evil shaman waiting for them at the end of a long and slippery ice bridge. Thal and Titus kept the shaman at bay while Hammer and Omnom rushed to confront the caster head on. The wicked troll did not last long after that.

While they gathered their thoughts, Thal found a slim passage leading to a metallic door. Reaching about 4 feet wide and stretching from floor to ceiling, there was nothing on it except for unknown symbols and a tiny hole in the center. Deciding to look for Orrik in other places, they left the door frozen in the back of their minds.

It wasn’t long before they found the entrance to Orriks quarters. Two large, wooden doors kept the party at bay, but it wasn’t for long. Making a foolish attempt at causing a stir in Orrik’s spirits, Titus used prestidigitation to conjure up some dragon cavalry but failed to realize he should have used ghost sound. Hammer eventually broke the door down to see Orrik sitting at a table while Malco and Non’t lay still behind him. Thal wasted no time and began the assault on the troll leader. As they backed him into the corner, Orrik let a dark image form from his false, mechanical eye and the group was soon engulfed in darkness. As the smoke cleared from their eyes, the heroes found themselves in a dark black room with Orrik in the center, staring into a large bronzed cauldron. But even with his advantage at hand, he was soon defeated.

Thal rushed to aide in family but found that only Non’t had lived. As they packed up what they found and headed back to the village. Laying his father to rest, Thal found his father’s totem. A cursed blood stained ivory totem, worn down by his father’s hands. It was tainted with the rage and vengeance of his father, and knowing that, Thal vowed to cleanse the totem, and his father’s soul.

Cold winds of vengeance
I just don't give a monk!

As Thal and Hammer rushed outside to confront the attack, they quickly saw Non’t’s unconscious body being carried off by trolls. Before they could stop the abduction, they were obstructed by a large ogre and his handlers. Rushed into a corner, Thal and Hammer realize that Titus is nowhere to be seen. Off in the distance though, they hear the sounds of ogres and trolls being beaten to a pulp, and soon see a hooded figure flinging kicks and punches.

Without questioning his motives they accepted any help they could get to tackle the huge beast in their path. With energy drained, and very little life left, the party rests when they can and begin venturing at day break, leaving their mechanical friend to find them.

Venturing north, the band soon finds themselves in the fields of the bone forest. It wasn’t long to see the cursed land come to life and charging straight for them. The battle took it’s toll on the group after the battle concluded and victory was slim. The monk soon found himself with mortal wounds that could not bare the upcoming fight and headed back to the village.

The ties that bind

Spending the days resting and regaining their strength, the band of heroes part to contemplate the experiences that have filled their recent days. As they return to Ori, Shorrin Gearset greeted them with bad news.

Mlaco, Thal’s father and elder of Rovenguast, has gone missing.

Shorrin explains that Malco was abducted during a raid on the village by the ogres and trolls. He offered them transportation to the continent. As they gathered their belongings, they made way to the center of the city where they saw an airship floating in. The heroes clambered in and began their trip to the frozen wastes.

The journey there was simple enough, but once they reached inland, the winds picked up and shook the ship violently. Titus and Thal held tight as the ship rocked sideways, but Hammer was caught off guard and thrown from the deck into the snow below.

Realizing the winds are too rough for sky travel, they land the ship and search for their fallen friend. Time passes shortly and they soon find Hammer trudging back to them. Off in the distance they spot the village of Rovenguast and head there on foot. Coming to a bridge the group sees a large ogre and trolls surrounding it. Refusing to let hem pass without their lives, a battle quickly ensued and victory was claimed.

Reaching the small town Thal found his way to his family’s home. Reuniting with his brother, Non’t, he explains how Malco disappeared. After their short conversation Thal decides to see other parts of the village. The others in the group decide to venture off as well but it wasn’t long before the raid bell was rung. The sounds of destruction soon rumbled in the distance….and it was getting closer.

All roads lead to the top of the intiative
Dragons, and Wolves, and Gnomes. Oh my!

After escaping the harsh conditions of their cells, the group roamed the woods until finding a small hut, belonging to Darrin Shallow, trainer of men. After spotting the small hut, the group was ambushed once again by a raiding party. With the aide of the Gnome barbarian, the raiders were quickly dispatched. Offering a safe haven for the night, they soon headed back to Ori to meet with Kurama, the leader of the city and wise animal druid.

While in the presence of Kurama, Thal was guided on a spiritual quest. Linking him to the elusive Fey Wild, Thal saw his spirit in flesh, and was given wisdom in the form of a choice. Protect life, and hold it sacred, or give in to the primal beast and dominate. Digging it’s claw into Thal’s chest, the spirit companion sowed a seed of great power in him. Dwelling on the choices ahead, Thal awoke and was left with more questions than answers.

Learning of the recent overthrow of the Silver Refinery, the band of heroes took matters into their own hands to protect the city. Teamed up with the druid, they soon infiltrated the refinery and found the source of the evil. Members of the lycanthrope clan, who sought to taint the volcano’s core with the poisonous blood of a volcanic wyrmling. The charmer of the group, Titus, befriended the newborn and convinced it that it was his mother.

The city celebrated and honored the valor of the heroes with song and drink. The next day they began their final assault on the wicked Baron Von Howlson. Kurama offering a diversion allowed the group to face Howlson in person and uninterrupted. Calm and collected, Howlson proved to be the biggest challenge yet. In the midst of the battle, Hammer was caught in a cruel attack. Howlson’s jagged fangs sank through his Dwarven armor like butter. The twisted curse of Howlson’s pure blood lineage coursed through his veins, leaving him broken and bloodied on the floor.

The team managed to keep Howlson distracted long enough so that Hammer could collect himself. Howlson was soon defeated. Before victory could be claimed, a machine triggered an explosion that created a hole in the ceiling. Above them, in the middle of the day, a full moon blanketed the sky. Hammer, caught in it’s light, soon took a dark transformation. Without a moment to spare, Hammer soon turned on his fellows in a frenzied state. Skin and armor, soon turned to fur, and his voice turned to howling, they group was left with one option.

Stop Hammer before he stops them. Permanently. Barely able to topple their friend, the battle took a turn for the worse. With determination and a heavy spoon of luck, Hammer was rendered unconscious. The decision was unanimous to bound and blindfold the knight. They soon realized that the moon was a projection from a small tower on the Howlson estate.

Thal and Titus made their way to the structure and managed to find it’s source of power. A blue, radiant piece of metal. Smashing through the controls, Thal managed to dislodge the metal chunk, but not before haphazardly coming into contact with it. The blue aura illuminated his hand, but little concern was shown for it because the tower began self-destruct. Making haste, they caught up with their companion who was no longer under the ill effects since the projection of the moon had faded.

The stench of defeat
And the sewer helps too

Failing to stay conscious from the ambush at the five league house, the group finds themselves barred and caged in a cold, dank, sewer.

With luck on their side, the assassin Adell manages to infiltrate the hold and break his allies out. Without their gear they begin their search to rearm themselves. Making their way into the only closed room that they know of they find themselves soon locked in doors with stone machines. Able to fend off the assault, the group must now focus on escaping.

Five league house for three

After making it back to Weld in one piece the group of adventurers were given their reward and greeted to a night out on the town. Making their way to a stylish lounge the group was introduced to Titus, the owner and host of the joint. After learning a little about everyone, King Shorrin suggested they escort Titus to Ori, the metallurgy of the Elven territories. Providing transportation, Titus joins the bad of travelers to the Five League house in between Weld and Ori.
As the group heads inside to see a room full of people they quickly find themselves in an ambush. The crowded room soon shape-shifts into their animal counterparts. The off-guard troop finds themselves surrounded.

Hope is all they have left…

Ready. Aim. FIRE!
This update was launched from the Weld cannon

With a city-wide hangover in effect, our heroes began their quest to hunt down Nerow. Lead into the center of town, they witnessed a massive cannon being lifted from the ground, and soon realized that their trip would be a short one. Being the only way to reach the island the group hesitantly accept the ride.
Successfully reaching the island, they began heading towards the tower. They soon discovered the base of the forget piece of history was surrounded by a village. Creeping through, to remain undetected, they were caught in mid movement by the denizens of the village.

Rotting undead…

Only barely surviving the battle, they carried on into the remains of the tower. As they pressed through the massive stone doors, they found themselves in the company of Nerow, and his skeleton crew. Sifting through pages of information, and working on alchemy, the crew seemed focused on something. Nerow ordered his men to subdue the adventurers, but after several trades of blades and spells, Nerow was forced to retreat, leaving behind the manual that Shorrin has requested the group find and a few clues of who Nerow was. All that remains now is finding the teleporter home.

One down and two remaining

After the battle with the kobolds, Adell took point to scout ahead of the group. Once they reached the city of Weld the assassin faded into the crowd while the remaining two sought out the genius king, Shorrin Gearset. The city has been taken over by chief of security, a reprogrammed warforged, whose sole purpose then was to ignite the core reactor that fueled the city with power.

Able to stop the destruction, Shorrin threw a city-wide celebration in honor of their victory. Once the party was well underway, he requested a favor of the adventurers…

…kill his traitorous adviser, Nerow Darkhorn. The one who reprogrammed the chief of security in order to buy time to make off with an important artifact in Weld’s treasury. The sole operations manual to the founded technology of the city. With the information in his hands, Nerow could control the massive cannon, capable of destroying a city with one fell stroke, that lay under the center of town.

Then there were three...

Quickly realizing the danger, Hammer told Nikola to flee for safety, Taviss followed suit to keep her from harm’s grasp. The remaining group stayed behind to finish up the battle. After narrowly defeating the vile Werewolf, the adventurers found a stockpile of useful equipment and bleached bones with goblin inscriptions craved into them.

When the group returned to headquarters, the building was surrounded by authorities. With weapons drawn on the heroes, Hammer pleaded to Captain Berk for an audience, while Adell stayed back to wait in the shadows. Following Hammer and Thal into the building, they explained their findings. Berk, revealing that there is a puppet-master in the higher ranks, he tells them to go north to the Elven forest to find the conspirators and clear their name. While the group fled through the backdoors, the honorable Captain wounded himself in order to give them time to clear out.

Reaching the cliff side of Copper Basin, the newly claimed fugitives began their journey north through the badlands. Stopping near a natural well, the group found an abandoned gypsy caravan…and an ambush by a native Kobold tribe. After fending off the dragon threat, they have a chance to finally catch their breath.

A logbook of regrets
A blog for your campaign

While settling into their new establishment, our adventures receive an unmarked envelope with a note written in blood. In search of help to find the source of the letter, they were ambushed in a crowded subway station. Wererats and an unknown species of lycanthropes were quickly subdued while Thal assisted in keeping the civilian out of danger.
After the failed ambush, the group took a wererat into their custody. They found the location of their boss and a tracking device in the pocket of the prisoner. Deciding to go to the boss, they executed the captured lycan and made their way to an abandoned complex where the adventurers began an assault on a Werewolf attempting another sacrifice.


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